A game-changing condominium, for an avenue that’s changing it’s game. Reina is a complete reinvention of urban condominium living. Named after the Spanish word for queen, it is the first all-female development in Canada. We’re building a better condo by doing things differently — through community collaboration, new perspectives, and a commitment to multigenerational living. What does a condominium look like when it’s inspired, designed and executed by women? Not only is it spectacularly beautiful, with sinuous architecture and interiors, but it also fosters a stronger sense of community, making the building feel like its own neighbourhood.


The amenities at Reina are designed to be an extension of your home. With over 5,000 square feet of interior space to play with – 25% higher than the City of Toronto interior amenity standard – you can say goodbye to the often empty party room and hello to a multitude of distinct areas that can be diversely activated with well-thought-out design and communal programming.


Designed in a contemporary minimalist style but with a softer, smoother, more feminine feel, Reina is a breath of fresh air that is sure to become a landmark in the community. Its light colouring, meticulously manicured landscaping and rounded, picketed balconies will provide movement, contour and dynamic curb appeal. With nine storeys and 197 units, Reina will be a perfect addition to the modern transformation of one of Etobicoke’s more family-friendly urban neighbourhoods.


Reina’s lobby makes a simple yet bold statement. The flowing design of the building’s exterior continues inside for a grand arrival. Crisp and clean but with the warmth of home, the entrance is impeccably styled with wood finishes, textured wall coverings and clear sight lines through to the expansive green courtyard beyond. The fresh, modern feel is in the thoughtfully chosen details, the soft touches, organic curves and neutral palette with just a splash of colour.


This groundbreaking project looked to the general public for input and collaboration into vital perspectives and details. Through questionnaires and surveys, the development team gained input into what potential homeowners feel is missing from current condo projects and what they would like to see included within Reina Condos. The building includes many innovative, multigenerational, and family-orientated amenities including stroller parking throughout different areas and children friendly play spaces.

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